Western Sun Fishing Charters

Cowichan River

The Cowichan River starts at Cowichan Lake and flows through Duncan and into Cowichan Bay. It is renowned for its Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and Trophy class Brown angling adventures. The 29 mile river gives fisherman 4 different scenic drifts to angle. The Cowichan River is a productive fishery 12 months of the year.

Location - Duncan BC

Nearest Airports

  • Nanaimo International (YCD) - 30min / 36.7 km
  • Victoria International (YYJ) - 1h 8min / 79 km
  • Comox Valley Airport (YQQ) - 2h 2min / 168.6 km

Gold River

The Gold River’s scenic breathtaking flow starts at Muchalat Lake and runs through the Town of Gold River and empties into Muchalat inlet. The Gold River is considered to be one of the Top 50 premier Trophy Steelhead destinations in the world. The Salmon fishing in the fall is well-known for its nonstop action.

Location - Gold River BC

Nearest Airports

  • Comox Valley Airport (YQQ) - 2h 18min / 147.6 km
  • Nanaimo International (YCD) - 3h 11min / 256 km
  • Victoria International (YYJ) -  4h 48min / 370.5 km

San Juan River

The San Juan River is located on Vancouver Islands southern West Coast. The breathtaking scenic river flows to Port Renfrew and into San Juan Bay. It is a fishermen’s dream getaway holding Steelhead & Trout year round and large runs of Coho/Spring Salmon in the fall.

Nearest Airport

  • Nanaimo International (YCD) - 1h 55min / 121.6 km
  • Victoria International (YYJ) - 2h 20min / 129.4 km
  • Comox Valley  (YQQ) - 3h 28min / 253.6 km

Salmon River

The Salmon River is a World Class angling destination that starts at Strathcona Park and flows through Sayward BC. It is well known to hold the Largest Steelhead on Vancouver Island. The fall Salmon run will test any angler’s stamina and equipment.

  • Comox Valley (YQQ) - 1h 57min /  134.5km
  • Nanaimo International (YCD) -  2h 50min / 242.5 km
  • Victoria International (YYJ) -  4h 24min /  357.4km